On the 14th of December, 2016 third year students of the Department of English Language and Literature put up a very amazing performance as a live reproduction of one of Sir William Shakespeare’s great works, Hamlet. It was staged on the fourth floor of the d block in the full attendance of all the students in this group plus their beloved teachers of Literature and Methodology; that is Miss Marina Pashinina and Miss Tahmina Gamidova.
There was a total of six groups which successively presented their parts from the play. They had prepared for this so adequately and every member did their best to put up a good display of artistic skill. Though it was one of its kind, it in fact turned out to be so splendid and breathtaking indeed that it took the observers by surprise.
Students put so much heart to this and came up with various envisions accompanied by creativity to vividly recreate the scenes from the play. They were themselves so excited to participate in such a rare activity. This was specially displayed in the costumes they wore, the materials they deployed and the time they took to memorise the dialogues plus the drama applied to them to make them so interesting and humorous at the same time. Emotions of anger, affection, disappointment, rage, surprise, happiness, victory etc. were so professionally displayed by the students that they left everybody dumbfounded by surprise.
It was all in all a humorous activity, very entertaining and informative since it at the same time helped students to unconsciously revise and enlighten the play to other students for whom it hadn’t been clear before from class. At the end of all the performances, the students were appreciatively thanked by their teachers and had a collective photo session in their innovative costumes later to be stored in the achieves. A day well spent!!!

Compiled by: Tolgonai Moldokeeva & Kayemba Nicholas (ELL 3A)







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